Ally: Extrovert and Variable advocate

Ally advocates are extroverted and adaptable.

Ally advocates want to bring everyone together, but realize that in order to make progress, they might have to ruffle a few feathers too. They feel energized when working with other people. They recognize the possibilities of different types of advocacy and are willing to adjust their strategies in order to impact the issues they care about most. 

Ways to Advocate
There are many ways to take action and make your voice heard. Here are some ways that an Ally might like to advocate:
  • Join a protest or rally
  • Volunteer to comment at a committee hearing
  • Run for office
  • Vote
  • Encourage others to vote
  • Call or visit your elected officials

An extrovert is someone who is typically outgoing and thrives off of interaction. They enjoy the company of others and enjoy social settings. They recharge from social interaction and don’t like or need a lot of alone time. They problem-solve by talking out problems or questions.


An adaptable advocate believes that to bring about change, you need to employ both the barnstormer and bridge builder style of advocacy depending on the situation. The basic principle behind a balanced approach is being able to see where both methods of advocacy can work to further goals of a cause.