Champion: Ambivert and Barnstormer

Champion advocates are ambiverted and barnstormers.

Champion advocates are able to adapt their communication strategies to push their issue forward. They can be energized both by working with people or learning more about their issue. They’re able to mobilize people both in person or online to help build awareness for their issue.
Ways to Advocate

There are many ways to take action and make your voice heard. Here are some ways that a Champion might like to advocate:

  • Call or email your elected officials
  • Join or organize a protest or rally
  • Volunteer to get signatures on petitions
  • Vote
  • Start and maintain an issue-based Facebook group 
  • Go door to door working in support of an issue or politician

An ambivert is someone who can be introverted or extroverted depending on the circumstances. They are sometimes called outgoing introverts or antisocial extroverts. In the right situations, they feel comfortable expressing their more outgoing or reserved natures.


A barnstormer believes that to bring about change you need to pull attention to your cause. It’s a type of advocacy that is done to draw attention and demands immediate results. The basic principle behind barnstorming is that applying pressure forces change to happen.