Revolutionary: Barnstormer and Extrovert

Revolutionary advocates are extroverted and barnstormers.

Revolutionary advocates love getting out there and making some noise! They raise their voices to gain attention for their cause and don’t mind stepping on some toes to make their point. They love working with others in big public ways to impact the issues they care about.
Ways to Advocate

There are many ways to take action and make your voice heard. Here are some ways that a Revolutionary might like to advocate:

  • Organize a protest or rally
  • Call or visit your elected officials
  • Volunteer to get signatures on petitions
  • Run for office
  • Start an issue-based group
  • Vote

An extrovert is someone who is typically outgoing and thrives off of interaction. They enjoy the company of others and enjoy social settings. They recharge from social interaction and don’t like or need a lot of alone time. They problem-solve by talking out problems or questions.


A barnstormer believes that to bring about change you need to pull attention to your cause. It’s a type of advocacy that is done to draw attention and demands immediate results. The basic principle behind barnstorming is that applying pressure forces change to happen.